Chameleon Clock

Chameleon Clock 5.1

Transform your Windows System Tray with skins


  • Many skins to choose from
  • Adds very handy functions to Windows clock


  • Some skins are too aggressive and take a lot of space in the taskbar

Not bad

If you're tired of Windows standard gray clock, use Chameleon Clock and spice it up!

This easy app enables you to customize Windows clock by applying a dozen different skins, besides improving its basic functions and adding some new ones.

I personally found some skins to be a bit excessive, especially in terms of the space they take in the taskbar. This means that if you want to keep the clock within reasonable limits, you probably have to tell Chameleon Clock not to display date.

As for the extra functionality, it turns Windows standard clock into a really useful tool: not only does it tell you the date and time, but can also handle your pending tasks and quick notes in a full featured calendar you can see just by hovering your mouse over the clock.

What's more, you can schedule quick reminders and alarms, use it as a stopwatch and also make sure your PC is on time thanks to its direct connection to several atomic time servers on the Web.

Chameleon Clock brings Windows clock to life with new handy functions and a handful of skins, although some of them are a bit tacky and take way too much space.

Chameleon Clock is a digital desktop clock which provides an attractive and useful alternative for the Windows system tray. Its appearance can easily be changed using Winamp skins or bitmap digits.

Chameleon Clock


Chameleon Clock 5.1

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  • by Anonymous

    The digital clock skins are better than the standard Windows XP.
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